Do you love the moon? Or is it something you take little notice of?

I love the full moon. At my house it wanes over the front of my house and waxes over the back. When the moon is full, like it is now as I type this post, it sits in perfect view outside my back window. I love to sit and watch it rise and change colour, it is breathtaking.

There is so much mysticism around the moon. The ancients honoured and ritualised it. Women, back when they were more connected to the earth energy would cycle more frequently with the moon. Crops were planted under the full moon, think of biodynamic farming and even in main stream areas like medicine the moon energy is acknowledged. Hospitals will put more staff on in ER during a full moon, as they have found more people injure themselves. The word ‘lunatic’ refers to mind becoming unhinged as a result of the full moon.

I find a natural desire to create and socialise on and around the full moon and on the flipside I am inclined to retreat, reflect and write around the new moon or dark moon. It’s a subtle energy but not so subtle that it can’t shift the tides!

Anyway, last full moon in my way of honouring her I played around with making moon soap.

Full moon 2

I used a method from Soap Queen that you can find here. It ended up taking a couple of weeks to complete as it has a few stages.

I wanted to create the night sky with some texture so I used Activated Charcoal with small batches of Pink Clay, Moroccan Red Clay and Alkanet Root Powder. Acitvated Charcoal is a great additive, it’s exfoliating and detoxifying and has many uses in beauty. It also makes the most striking colour.

I fragranced the soap mildly with Patchouli essential oil. I love this essential oil although not too much of it. It has a rep for being the 60’s hippy scent. It is great as or in deodorant as it is a great mask for body odour. I picked Patchouli for this soap as it helps to relieve anxiety and depression by being uplifting and steadying and it’s a bit of an aphrodisiac – always helps!

For me this ties in well to balance the moons Luna(tic) energy.

So, once I poured my soap into the mould I stuck PVC pipes (that were hell to cut to size) in four places and put the soap away to set for a week. After the week I attempted to remove the pipes – nuh! did. not. budge.

I froze the soap for 24hrs and then waited a few hours for it to defrost and oh boy this soap was a challenge to my patience.

Eventually the pipes came out and I was able to move onto filling the holes with the Moon – sounds a bit weird?! Shrug.

So I made another batch of the same combination of oils – this is important. I added my essential oil, again Patchouli and coloured one side with Activated Charcoal using the ‘in the pot swirl’ method. I was super careful as I really wanted it to look like the moon and be slightly shadowed on one side and light on the other.

Full moon Collage

If you plan to give this a go refer to the Soap Queen page here for the full instructions which include how to cut the soap to see your beautiful moon – weird again….

It all turned out pretty great I feel.

Full moon 1

I also played around with Activated Charcoal and Poppy Seed to make these.

057 (3)058 (2)

I love the contrast.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the full moon?

Happy full moon and Big Bear hugs to you my friend xx