When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I went through a sort of purging of the information and belief systems that I had once thought to be true but on reflection no longer felt true to me anymore. I wanted to go Back to Basics and start ‘building‘ me again.

I think all young adults do this, it is part of their evolution into adulthood. I think it shows that the individual is mature and intelligent enough to question their own beliefs and learned behaviours and their sources.

From a parental perspective (which I now have) I can see how this might be a little challenging to watch, as many of the beliefs that are rejected by your children might well be your most cherished and personal habits and beliefs. And let me be totally honest I know I did move away from some beliefs more out of spite then out of authentic openness and curiosity.

Nevertheless, off I went into the big wide wonderful world with an open and clear mind and heart. I found books, I found interesting people, I found places and they all left a mark and helped shape me into a new person. Slowly I came to develop new beliefs and truths through my experiences.

I am now in my mid thirties and these past few years I am recognising that I am doing it again. I am shedding thought systems like I’m peeling an onion. This time it’s different though, I do not want to begin ‘building’ a new me, I am more interested in the dismantling process, I want to see what is left when the last layer of the onion is peeled away – will I find a pearl or simply nothing at all or will God, the Source, Divine Love or the Creator be there?!?

As part of a commission job I am involved with, I am doing this coincidentally with my soap as well. I have been busy making pure, clean, gentle 100% Castile soap. No extras, no essential oils, no clays, no herbs, no flowers – just perfect soap. Back to Basics.

Funny thing is, it’s a little bit harder in that Olive Oil takes longer to trace and longer to cure. In fact my first batch of this soap was a total flop – It’s simple but it’s not easy.


Redtail Ridge 1st Batch4


To all intents and purposes it really is easier to believe the thoughts you have always thought without question. It’s seems to be easier than going back and looking at the ‘How did I get here’ manual.

Have you ever heard anyone say ‘the simple truth is…’ I like that, the truth is simple, it is what is left, after you peel back all the layers that keep you separated or pushing against something. The truth is Love. Love has never started a war and love has never caused genocide because love does not need to defend itself or change anyone. However, Love isn’t always an easy choice….. but the more we practice it, the more it will become our default. (I still have my trainer wheels on 🙂 ).

So that is me for now, getting back to basics with my thoughts and back to basics with my soap.

Big bear hugs to you my friend xx