Looking into her eyes

As I shyly looked into her eyes, my heart leapt.
I saw her.. I saw her warmth & her kindness as if anew.

I felt remorse, I’ve been cruel, I’ve been blind.
Standing eye to eye I’m reminding of all the times I’ve criticised, told her she was fat, pointed out the blemishes.
I am ashamed.

This woman has been there for me in my darkest hours.
Healed me when I was sick. Counselled me when I felt lost. She asks for nothing in return.
There is no one like her in this world and that is her strength!

As I look into her eyes I see that she has changed so much over the years.
We’ve been together so long now. She will change again.

I’m struck with panic. Suddenly, it feels like it won’t be long enough.
I’ve wasted time.

She needs to know how amazing she is. I need to tell her.
Others do but she longs to hear it from me.

I look into her eyes, I tear up. She tears up too. She’s always been so forgiving.

I take a breath, “Never again I tell her”
I tell her I will cherish her from this day, this Valentine’s day of love, I will put her first.

She smiles, I smile.

As I look into my eyes, I feel grateful for seeing the truth of who I am.

I will waste no more time.

“I love you”, I say to my reflection.

“I love you”, she tells me back.


Happy Valentines Day!!

Big bear hugs to you my friends xx