Hi I’m Sarah, friends call me Sar or Sarbear or just Bear and when I became a mum it’s sometimes Mumma Bear. I have no preference – a rose by any other name and all that. Thanks for popping by, here’s a little bit about me. Totally impartial of course.007

I’m a wife & mumma bear to two girl cubs (just to be clear – this is not literal, they are in fact human and so am I). I love to learn about all things mind, body and soul and am frequently enrolling myself in random online courses and listening to podcasts and reading blogs …. I am a Reiki practioner/energy healer. I love to make organic natural soap and other homemade beauty products. I enjoy being unaffected by cosmetic companies advertising campaigns (is this a strength – I may add it my resume`). I practice daily meditation.  I love to cook healthy wholefood meals for my family. I Love to read all kinds of books but mostly spiritual/new thought/self-help stuff – Oh and a lot of kids books , a, lot! I love to laugh – I love sophisticated humour, like accidents and toilet talk. Mostly, I just try to do things I love and be around people I love.

My blog is mostly a compilation of all things I, aha… you guessed it, love, as well as musings and ponderings. I aim to keep it joyous and positive but it will have depth. As the name suggests it’s basically a diary of the things that ‘Mumma Bear Does..”

I believe life is a gift and that in every moment we have two choices, Love or Fear. My intention is to choose love and I hope that this Blog will inspire both you and me to commit and recommit to Love regularly.

All my love and gratitude

Big bear hugs to you my new friend
Mumma Bear xx